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The Year of No

I understand there is a book out there by Shonda Rhimes titled the Year of Yes. In it, she shares her journey of NO being her default response to actually saying YES to more life experiences. Apparently, Ms. Rhimes rarely … Continue reading

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Thank you, Serena.

Serena shows working moms it can be done. Thank you, Serena!
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What’s the Rush?

Decisions needn’t be made in hurry. Continue reading

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Damn Shattered Mirrors (and the ones that hold them up)

A shatter mirror does not mean you are broken. Continue reading

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Note to Self: Shithole Leaders Are a Danger to Humanity

I saw so many parallels between the thinking of the Germans in the 1920s and the thinking/rationale of many of the white nationalists who voted for president shithole in 2016. Germans blamed Jews for the deteriorating economic conditions they faced. … Continue reading

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Disturbing the Peace

Besides getting a workout, the gym has become a place where I can go to find peace and escape from the everyday hassles of life. On yesterday, however, my peace was greatly disturb by the ignorant and racist remarks of … Continue reading

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A Birthday Reflection

Another birthday I celebrate today. And I’m thankful. Thankful for another ¬†year of life. To come full circle to this annual birth-grimage; journey to life is a blessing. To know that first God chose me to enter into this world … Continue reading

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