Field of Dreams

We are gathered here today and every day to play this game called life.  This game will commence, progress, and at some point end, with or without us. Regardless of who we are, our position in life, or what we’ve been through, if we’re here, we’ve been drafted by a higher power to fully participate.  This is a commonality we all share.

Some of us are in the bleachers, in the dugout, and some of us manage to make it onto the ball field. Others may even feel that they’re not playing the game at all – they’re not moving in the directions of their dreams. Those who partake in the game may feel as though the game never goes their way. No matter how hard they work, they feel they never achieve that home run; they’re always striking out. They always come up short.

Baseball image

That damn ball is always being thrown over their head, below their belt, and those times when it finally seems to be headed directly towards them, they swing the bat with all they’ve got and “low and behold” the ball hits them square in the face. Life has a way of feeling like that – a “hit or miss.”  It causes you to not want to take chances; to not put yourself in a vulnerable position.  But, let’s own this: When we step out and onto the field of dreams, we are bound to limp away battered and bruised.

I’m here to tell you “Be encouraged.”  Wherever you are in life; whatever your lot is – again whether you’re in the bleachers, in the dugout, carrying the water cooler, or on the field, – walk, run, skip, jump, hop, shit scoot if you have to, but MOVE in the direction of your dreams. And… like Iyanla Vanzant once said, “If you feel some pee trickling down your legs” you’re headed down the right path; you’re pursuing your purpose and living your authentic life. Dream big, Do big.  Play this game as hard as you can; until the big umpire in the sky says “You’re out!”

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