Change. Sometimes we ask for it, but other times it comes into our life like a thief in the night. You weren’t looking for it, but it found you like a downpour of rain as you walked about this journey called life. Except, you were without your umbrella. No raincoat. Nope, no galoshes. Not even a plastic bag to protect that pretty little head of yours. You were just out there. And… You were wet. Very wet from the top of your head to the bottom of your soles. Did I say sole? I meant soul. Your soul. My soul.

That’s life. The unexpected can happen. It can change your soul for the better or the worse. Hopefully for the better. We all want to come out of the storm on the sunny side. No one wants to remain in the storm, in the rain. But, no one can tell you when to come out of the rain. No one can force you to open up that umbrella. They can only pray that you do.

You have to make up your own mind to come out of the rain and to look for the rainbow that signifies God’s promise of better days. That’s real change and a welcomed one.

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