I can count
But, can I count on you?
That’s the question.

Your words
And promises
The commitments
That You Made
They seem to fade
Like the tulips after spring.

Leaving behind its worthless foliage
Still drawing energy from the sun
To give life to what’s under the earth
What’s buried deep in the dirt.

Waiting for another season to show its self
To show its true color
To hold on to hope
But, I know it’s a slippery slope.

I could fall, waiting…
But, then I remembered I can count
Will you catch me?
Or will I tumble like a ball
Falling, falling…

There I go
Rolling, rolling
Out of control
Will I ever stand?

My heart bruised and battered
But, I declare I will
I will stand again
I will.
Me and my bootstraps
Tattered and torn.
But nonetheless, worn
On my beautiful feet.

One step at a time
Moving forward
One foot in front of the other.20140623-000808-488008.jpg

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